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Try this recipe!

How to make some Bread

very easy
Time needed:
a lot
You will need:
1 kg Flour
600 ml Water in which you have dissolved 42gr of Yeast
2 Spoons Salt

1) Put the Flour on the Table (or in a bowl if you are afraid of making a mess), make a mountain and transform it in to a volcano by digging a hole in the middle. In this hole you will now begin to slowly pour the water, mixing it with the Flour on the border of the mountain. Do this until about half the water is gone, then put the salt in the remaining water and go ahead with watering and mixing.

2) Now you will have to get your hands dirty: knead the clough with all the strength you have and for so long that the clough looks good and is supple.

3) Put this dough in a bowl and store it in a secure place, where it is a little warm and no wind can come inside, and let it be quiet for at least 30 minutes.

4) Take the dough (that is now twice as large as before) and punch it so that it becomes its initial size (but donŐt knead it). Put it in a secure place again and wait a lot.

5) Are you done with waiting? Alright, now you can shape your future bread & put it in the oven until it looks o.k. and it sounds hollow if you knock on the underside. Ready to eat (after half an hour). But pay attention: all stuff that comes from the oven may be hot!